Interview with Donna M Evans

Donna M Evans was one of the many artists showcasing their art at London’s Mcm Expo this past weekend. I managed to grab some time with her at the Comic Village for an interview.


Kayleigh: You’re one of the artists in the Comic Village section of the MCM Expo. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Donna: “Of course! my name is Donna and I’ve been passionate about drawing, portraiture and fan art for many years. Since I discovered online websites that I could display my work on, I’ve enjoyed sharing my art with the world and have made lots of new friends in the process.”
Kayleigh: How has the experience of running a stall full of your own art been so far?
Donna: “I’ve only been on the convention circuit for less than a year, but overall its been very positive and I’ve met lots of wonderful artists and talented people along the way, also great contacts for future freelance work and illustration.”
Kayleigh: Have you had a great response?
Donna: “Yes, overall it has been very positive. I am hoping to create more original works next year, and perhaps even create one or two of my own comics.”
Kayleigh: You draw a lot of Tim Burton and The Legend of Zelda art. What is it about both of these that appeal to you?
Donna: “I love mixing the dark and macabre, and turning it into an illustration that can be enjoyed by all. I love Burton’s style. I’ve been honoured to even have the man himself compliment my works, which is a wonderful moral boost. I’ve been a Zelda fan for many years. The wonderful storytelling and unforgettable characters make this a series I never get tired of playing!”
Kayleigh: Have you got a favourite artist that also attended the Expo?
Donna: “I have many artists I like but for many different reasons, I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite! Everyone there is talented in their own way, whether they be illustrators, comic artists, portrait artists, fan artists or arts and crafts people. Expo is lucky to have such a wide variety of people, and that’s why I enjoy attending these conventions so much.”
Kayleigh: What’s your favourite part of the MCM Expo?
Donna: “I love walking around all the artists tables, and chatting to them about their work. I also love to get on the day sketches from people’s work I admire. I love seeing all the cosplay costumes as well. Expo is a wonderful event!”
Kayleigh: Have you had a chance to check out the rest of it, and if so, what have you enjoyed the most?
Donna: “I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked to check everything out. But I love to buy prints of original art and find official art books I can buy and take home and get new inspirations for my own work. There’s always someone or something new to see here; it never ceases to amaze me!”
Kayleigh: And finally, what’s next for Donna Evans?
Donna: “More fan art of course, but I would like to create something new and different, perhaps start to plan out ideas for a comic or two. And there are always new plush toys to design and make! I enjoy being versatile and giving myself a challenge.”
If you missed Donna at the MCM Expo, you can check out her art on her deviantART, or follow her on Twitter.
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