Interview with artist John-Paul Bove

There were many artists lining the Comic Village section of the MCM Expo on the 28th-30th October. John-Paul Bove, a colourist and writer, was one of them. MCM BUZZ reporter Kayleigh Powis managed to have a chat with him after the Expo excitement had finished for another year.


Kayleigh Powis: You’ve done quite a few conventions now. How was it this time around at October’s MCM Expo?

John-Paul Bove: “Yeah more than a few conventions now! The first MCM I did was actually only last October and I was there largely to support Jess Bradley, so this was the first where I was colouring sketches and selling my own work and the reaction was brilliant. The atmosphere was great and the people I met were fantastic.”

Kayleigh: You digitally coloured James Stayte’s (fellow Comic Village artist) art during the Expo. How was that?

John-Paul:  “I’ve been doing the digital colouring/sketching tag team thing for a while now, with quite a few different artists, but this was my first with James. I’m a massive fan of James’ work, he has such an expressive and animated style and I’m always surprised by what I see. It’s great to allow people to get a sketch that’s as close to a piece of finished colour comic book art as you can get.”

Kayleigh: There was plenty of art in the Comic Village. Did you see any that interested you?

John-Paul: “So much stuff. I was pretty much nailed to the table throughout the weekend so I didn’t see as much as I would have liked but I always look forward to seeing what new stuff Deakin and Marisa Brook have on their table, Inanimate Objectives. “

Kayleigh: You seemed incredibly busy on the Saturday of the Expo! I’m guessing that the response was positive mainly?

John-Paul: “Yeah it was a hectic con, and I have to really get the colouring done in the shortest time possible as I’m always racing to get the pictures done for those waiting for them and before my laptop batteries run out! The response was great and while I’m known mainly known for my Transformers stuff I had so many different things to colour, from Marvel superheroes to Sikh warriors, that there was never a dull moment!”

Kayleigh: You’ll be taking part in Jurassic Dorks with fellow Comic Village artists Jessica Bradley and James Stayte. How is the preparation for this going for you, and can you tell us a bit more about it?

John-Paul: “The exhibition has come about because of the absolute love for the 80s we all have, and our desire to share that. The main throughline is the A-Z of the 80s so there’s 26 outstanding pieces of work to come. I’m a comic book colourist and writer, so my input has mainly been coming up with ideas and collaborating with the artists to colour some of their artwork. For my own contributions to the show, they’re going to involve some things that need assembled and built. It’s going to be a LOT of fun for anyone born in or near the 80s!”

Kayleigh: And finally, will you be doing it all again in May?

John-Paul: “I very much hope to be here again in May. The atmosphere, the people I’ve met, the fellow exhibitors, all adds up to one of my favourite cons.”

John-Paul Bove‘s artwork can be found via his deviantART page, and his blogspot.

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