Rainbow 6: Patriots target gameplay footage revealed

Ubisoft Montreal have today released the prototype video for Rainbow 6: Patriots.

Whilst the video shows no actual gameplay, we get to see what looks like a gameplay mission featuring a terrorist attack in New York. Button commands similar to those of Heavy Rain are seen in the video, as well as something similar to eagle vision from the Assassin’s Creed series.

Ubisoft issued a statement about the game’s scenario:

In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots, Team Rainbow faces a new and very real threat called the “True Patriots,” a highly-trained, well-organized revolutionary group that claim the American government is irrevocably corrupted by greedy politicians and corporate special interests. The True Patriots will do whatever it takes to reclaim their country. Playing as Rainbow, players will face critical scenarios that will require them to make tough ethical decisions in order to stop this new breed of terrorists.

An example of such a decision is glimpsed towards the end of the video. Ubisoft also explain that the game aims to “capture the reality of modern-day terrorism and allows players to experience it from multiple characters’ perspectives.” From the video it looks like the intention is to have players take control of civilians as well as soldiers. As no actual gameplay is shown in the video though, it is uncertain whether we are likely to see these things in the final product or not.

Rainbow 6: Patriots will be released on XBOX 360, PS3 and PC in 2013.

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