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It seemed today’s MBC’s Music Core, one of Korea’s versions of “Top Of The Pops”, was taken over by cosplayers, in particular three Chun Li’s from the Street Fighter game series. No your not reading wrong! The three membered girl group Orange Caramel put on a special performance today to promote their newest single “Shanghai Romance” which was produced by none other than Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul

The Orange Caramel girls, Raina, Nana and Lizzy, are known for their ‘over-the-top’ fashion sense when performing on stage or for their music videos. Debuting July 2010 with “Magic Girl” the girls are seen as lolita Barbie dolls, and with the release of “Aing~” they changed their style to sexy PVC Red Riding Hood’s. With the release of “Shanghai Romance” it all seemed very toned down, with beautiful Chinese styled dresses and ‘Hairspray‘ styled plastic wigs. But do not fear, it seems you can’t take the playful cosplaying out of the girls. The trio perform a Street Fighter inspired performace, that includes bad guys in Tae-Kwon-Do outfits apparently attacking Orange Caramel, only the girls fight them off with a triple ‘Kikouken‘, one of Chun Li’s famous moves. This performance certainly had me smiling and I know it will have many male fans of both Orange Caramel and the Street Fighter game series squirming with delight in their seats.

 This isnt the only form of cosplaying amongst the stars in Korea. Last summer, Super Junior‘s Shindong decided to show his love for the Anime series “Gundam” by turning his motorcycle into a Gundam itself. Over a period of 4-5 months, Shindong had the whole body work changed and painted to look like a Gundam. Through his Twitter he stated “Finally!!! A Gundam has been born!!!! and it will be with me this summer!! Yahoo~let’s ride~~.” With the vibrant colours, the customised motorcycle definitely looks like it’s from the anime. 



What are your thoughts about kpopers cosplaying? Who would you like to see cosplay and what would you like to see them cosplay? Would you buy Shindong‘s bike? Drop us a comment.

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