Who won the Penetrator From Saints Row The Third? Details Inside!

Last week on MCM Buzz we unveiled the chance for one lucky MCM Buzz reader to own their very own Penetrator weapon from the upcoming Saints Row The Third game, thanks to the great people at THQ.

All we asked entrants to do was to create their own weapon to fit in the world of Saints Row and boy did you not disappoint! With people creating everything from the Semen Squirter to the Condom Cannon (AKA The Jonny Gun). But when the dust settled there was only one that could win and the judges decided on the following entry courtesy of Anthony Bate, Steelport are you ready for The Curious Turtle!

 Here courtesy of Anthony is a little bit more about the weapon:

“At some time or another we’ve all been caught short, it is these little accidents that make up the soiled underwear fabric of life. But what if this power could be harnessed? The Curious Turtle brings this public nightmare to life.

Since the 1950’s scientists have theorised that infrasonic frequencies could cause a human to lose control of their bowels due to resonance. Where real world experiments have proved inconclusive, The Curious Turtle has prevailed. The key to success lies in the body of the turtle, its cavenous shell focuses the sound waves to a targetted point with an effective range of 35m-50m.

So why hesitate, come on down and grab The Curious Turtle today. For the American market, try the new Prarie-dogger.”

So congratulations to Anthony on his win and I can’t wait to see how the Postman fits the prize through your letterbox , no pun intended of course!

Saints Row: The Third is released onto the Xbox 360,Playstation 3 and PC starting from the 15th of November.

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