Blockbuster Launches 99p Rentals!

UK video rental chain Blockbuster has launched a couple of new offers that’ll mean huge savings for movie fans.

The first is a complete overhaul on Blockbuster’s charge for rentals, as customers can now pop into their local store and hire out a film for just 99p. This doesn’t just include DVD’s but also Blu-Ray discs as well! Their Click & Collect service means that titles can also be reserved online or through their phone app. If you’re a gamer then you’ll be happy to know that hundreds of games can also be rented for £5 for five nights.

Gerry Butler, Blockbuster’s commercial director, said: “This is simply the best proposition in home entertainment. Cheaper than any of the other rental models, offering classic and recent movies and totally flexible, the 99p price point is totally unrivalled and a welcome break for families looking for entertainment but not looking to pay over the odds for it.” He added: “All of those films you’ve missed, now they’re 99p at Blockbuster.”

If that isn’t cheap enough for you, it appears that Blockbuster stores are also offering a unique monthly movie pass. This offer runs until the end of the year and is open to new customers only, allowing them the opportunity to rent a film a day for as little as £4.99 a month. Again, this also includes Blu-Ray’s as well as DVD’s.

Both new offers appear to be cheaper than Blockbuster’s online rival, Love Film. As a comparison, the cheapest package on Love Film is £5.99 a month and only allows members to rent out three films a month (their unlimited offer is £9.99 a month). Also, with Blockbuster, you don’t even have to wait for the film to arrive or send it back via post. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Love Film alters their price plan to be more in-line with Blockbuster over the coming months.

Could a move like this have you opting to give more films a miss at the cinema? Add in the cost of travel as well as paying for extortionate ticket prices and some people may be just as comfortable with the home cinema experience. Especially when considering how small the theatrical window now is, as some big films end up on DVD and Blu-Ray within four months after their cinema release. With the recent price restructure by Blockbuster, some of you may (already?) be wondering, ‘Why should I spend £14+ on a pair of cinema tickets when I can watch a decent film at home for just 99p?’

As a direct response to the economic climate, and the potential to capitalise on the Christmas season, this latest move could be a win-win situation for Blockbuster.

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