DVD Review: Alan Carr Spexy Beast Live

Alan Carr returns to stand-up after his Tooth Fairy tour four years ago. In that time, he’s established himself securely as a household name, with his Chatty Man television series and BBC Radio 2 show whilst winning a few awards along the way.


Carr must be doing something right, as he packs out Manchester Evening News Arena and the 21,000 strong audience is laughing for the whole 90 minutes. During the show, he sentimentally recalls his move from Manchester to London and how the venue was the ideal place for the recording of his live DVD.


Carr recounts anecdotes of what he’s been up to for the last four years, including stories of being recognised by fans, shopping and self-service tills, botoxed celebrity guests (on his TV show) and his looting-rioter house mate, ‘Monica’. Carr very much comes across as ‘one of us’ with his self-deprecating charm, gossipy style and acid-tongue.


The DVD is full of consistently entertaining material, much of which is very much relatable, which seems to add to Carr’s likeability and makes it feel more like watching your friend onstage than that guy on the television. To be honest, it’s a bit of a breath of fresh air these days to have some comedy that doesn’t rely heavily on shock impact and crossing the questionable line of offensiveness. Or even the well-trodden route of many other camp comedians with a stream of relentless double-entendres. Instead, Alan Carr bringsgood old-fashioned laughs, and that’s probably what most of us could use this Christmas.

Alan Carr Spexy Beast Live DVD and Blu Ray is available from 14th November 2011.

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