The Cabin in the Woods Trailer and Poster

A new trailer has been released for Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods.

The simple title, as well as our knowledge from films such as The Evil Dead and Cabin Fever, suggests that we probably know just what kind of film this will be. The trailer features young guys and gals going off to a secluded cabin, and on the way they are even warned by a creepy old man about “getting back.” So far, so Sleepaway Camp. They obviously find themselves terrorised by some supernatural threat, however there also appear to be hidden cameras, a secret underground lab, a possible controlled explosion and… a force field? With a hint of sci-fi, it looks like this horror movie will be anything but predictable.

If that’s not enough then one look at the poster ought to convince you that this isn’t going to be your typical Friday the 13th.

The film was actually shot back in 2009, and was all set to be released in 2010, only to then be pushed back a year for a 3D conversion. It was then left on the shelf after its production company, MGM, ran into a spot of financial difficulty. Thankfully Lionsgate came to the rescue and picked the film up for distribution back in April. The wait could work out well for the film, given the rising star power of the film’s lead, Chris Hemsworth.

Written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, with Whedon also producing and Goddard directing, The Cabin in the Woods is currently set to be released in the US and UK on April 13th 2012.

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