M Bison, Xiaoyu and character customisation shown in Street Fighter X Tekken

Two characters appear to have been accidentally leaked for Street Fighter X Tekken by the Xbox LIVE Marketplace website earlier.

M Bison, the evil dictator of the Street Fighter universe, and school girl Xiaoyu from Tekken have both been revealed via an in-game screenshot (below).

The artwork for both characters is clearly visible above the lifebars, and whilst no character models have been shown yet, we can assume that we will see more on the two characters from Capcom themselves when they release the next official character reveals later this month.

Also shown in a screenshot is what appears to be Street Fighter X Tekken’s character customisation mode. Skin, hair and various parts of your character’s attire all look to be available for altering.
Namco fighters have often featured brilliant character customisation options which allow players to enhance their fighters visually, their involvement in the crossover fighter looks to mean that this will be no exception.

Street Fighter X Tekken is released onto the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles starting from the 9th of March. PC and Playstation Vita releases will follow at a later date.

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