Anticipated Return Of ‘MBLAQ’ Means 100% War


Known in the past during their debut days as beast’dols (beastly idols) MBLAQ have released one of the first highly anticipated mini albums of 2012, ‘100% Ver‘. Being the creation of world star Bi Rain, and being under Rain’s company ‘J-Tune Camp‘, expections from their very first debut was high, and gradually grows higher with every single and album they release.

In 2009 MBLAQ released ‘Oh Yeah‘ with their first debut album ‘Just BLAQ‘. Topping charts all over Korea, their popularity spread when they released ‘G.O.O.D Luv‘, showing a less beastly image, and a more loving and caring style. In 2010 the group released their second single album with ‘Y‘, a track Rain wrote, composed, produced and choreographed. During this time J-Tune Camp merged with JYP Entertainment due to Rain enlisting into the army, but MBLAQ being part of J-Tune are not considered members of JYP.

Early 2011 marked the album release of ‘BLAQ Style‘ in which the members had a hands-on approach and participated in the production, personally choosing all songs that appeared on the album. Bringing a new style to their usual macho side. Mixing the forms of an R&B track with ballad elements, ‘Cry‘ was a huge success, and within a week gained 500,000 views on YouTube. It seemed during this period that the boys wanted to explore and expand, and changed styles once again; with a more electronic beat they released their second single from the album ‘Stay‘.

During June, MBLAQ made their second comeback for 2011 with the mini-album release of ‘Mona Lisa‘. The concept for the album this time was ‘Celebrated Works’ in which the boys decided to impersonate famous idol figures in history. Mir chose ‘The Beatles‘, Thunder was ‘Boy George‘, Lee Joon decided ‘Zorro‘ was worthy of portraying, G.O chose the legendary ‘James Dean‘ and Seung Ho chose ‘Papillon‘, thus giving a nice twist with the release of their single ‘Mona Lisa‘. In September, MBLAQ reached the #1 position on German music website ‘Viva with their music video for Mona Lisa by obtaining 111,000 views in such a short period of time.

Finally bringing Kpop into 2012 with a huge bang is the release of their newest mini-album ‘100% Ver‘. With expectations already set high, fans have been anticipating for a while just what else these talented men can provide. As you will see, once again the bar has been risen.

Track 1: Run – The opening of a horror movie, which then changes into something you expect to hear off a typical rap, street dance movie, your ears are greeted with a mix of Asian hip hop and clever sound clips. A beat that will have you up and pounding the air, it’s certainly a big statement piece to have as an introduction to the album. Something completely different to what we are used to for MBLAQ, but it still has the same fun element we like to hear from them.


Track 2: Its War – The audio for this track is so emotionally powerful, even if you don’t understand what they are saying, you get the idea of love being torn, a war brewing between friends. A mix of ballad, classical, and the beastly sound and presence we are accustomed with MBLAQ, it’s a song that demands to be listened to. The music video is also one that demands to be watched, as the usual one room shots are balanced with an in-depth story between members Lee Joon and Thunder, obviously torn between a girl. I personally stand and applaud both the director and visualizer for this music video. Too long we have had the same old videos and it’s about time fans were greeted with something that actually fits with the lyrics and feel of the song. The military drum beat mixed with the cellos and violins bring this musical piece together.


Track 3: Scribble – Rap, ballad, and pop are a big thing in the music industry at the moment. Mixing the three together makes sure that they cover each genre, sometimes making a noise which can’t be classed as music. Luckily the rap is minimal, and we get to hear the heartfelt and powerful vocals along with the soft tones of the rap. Although a powerful song, it also has its relaxing moments, but still stays true to the sultry tones of MBLAQ.


Track 4: Jittery Girl – Nothing can be too serious, and breaking all the powerful and serious tones of the mini-album so far, this song brings a bouncy joyful sound to the ears. A mix of electronic sound clips, piano inserts and cute high toned vocals in perfect harmony, MBLAQ spread their love. In true G.O style, we have the obligatory high pitched scream, but I do find the rap that’s portrayed as a telephone call extremely clever and very funny, bringing out the cute, cuddly and childish nature of the band.


Track 5: Hello My Ex – A song obviously about a ex-girlfriend, the boys bring their perfect vocal harmonies with a very catchy beat, and easy to learn lyrics. This song has a very 90’s feel to it, and is something I wouldn’t be surprised to see Westlife release, showing that although beastly, these boys are diverse in what styles they can perform. Through this mini-album, although they have a style that they keep to visually, they are still experimenting with new genres, and seem open to remix and explore more elements of music. A nice calm end to a journey that started off extremely powerful and ragged. 

So what do your think? Do you like the new mini-album? Did it live up to your expectation? What about their new music video? Is it one you could watch over and over? Remember to support the MBLAQ boys by purchasing their album Here!

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