New trailers for Street Fighter X Tekken released, new characters confirmed!

Capcom have today revealed several new characters for their upcoming March release, Street Fighter X Tekken.

A brand new cinematic trailer for the game reveals new characters Ling Xiaoyu and M Bison (both of whom were leaked earlier) as well as Juri from the Street Fighter universe and Jin/Devil Jin from Tekken. The characters as usual waste no time in having an awesome action packed battle that will leave you wanting more, and thankfully Capcom have delivered just that in the form of a gameplay trailer and more character reveals!

The second of two trailers released today reveals Tekken’s best buddy team, Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law. Shadaloo fighters, Vega and Balrog also both step into the battle from Capcom’s lineup.

Finally, Capcom have also released a teasing clip at the end of the gameplay trailer which appears to confirm Pac-Man and Mega-Man for the Vita version of the game.

Have your favourite characters been added to Street Fighter X Tekken yet? What do you think of the new trailers?
As usual, let us know in the comments below!

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