Bringing The Best Absolute Perfect Music

TS Entertainment have been spending a lot of money and time in promoting their new all blonde six piece boy group “B.A.P” (Best Absolute Perfect). Members consist of Bang Yong Guk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo, who have finally released their Debut track “Warrior.”

Bang Yong Guk and Zelo previously joined together as a sub unit and released “Never Give Up” with Himchan revealing himself as a MC for Korea’s MTV: The Show. The other three members were revealed as ‘Aliens’ on the Pre-Debut reality TV show Ta-Dah: It’s B.A.P.   

After causing a huge stir with teaser photos and trailers for their show and music debut, TS-Ent released the Official Website where fans can check out the music video, member profiles, high-resolution photos, and even more teasers. 

Usually when a new band gets major hype, Kpop fans show a small amount of interest and get drawn in by the idea of something new and fresh, but when it comes to D-Day we are left disappointed. This time round B.A.P seem to have lived up to their hype, and have provided something that is not only vocally fresh, new and powerful, but visually exciting, masculine and extremely fun.

The choreography is entertaining and clever, involving tribe motions and the use of ‘Hand Guns’ to show a battle. The fashion represents gang leaders and a modern style of armour or warrior gear, and the setting with bright graffiti, bright lighting and the use of weaponry brings forward a completely mind blowing experience. Looking through comments on the official website and YouTube, fans are seen praising the group for their unique style and for bringing originality to the Kpop scene. Personally for me, I am completely enthralled with the B.A.P mascot (the bunny and robot) that was used during the band’s pre-debut reality show. 

What are your thoughts on B.A.P? Do you like the music video? What about their vocals and lyrics? Is it something that has grasped you? Please leave a comment with your thoughts, and check out the video below.

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