WWE ’12 Legends & Superstars DLC Suprise Announcement

It’s always great to start your weekend with some good news and thanks to Cory Ledesma, the creative director for THQ‘s WWE ’12, we can kick off our Friday night in high spirits!

The ‘Legends & Superstars DLC Pack‘ is set for release at the end of January and there’s a lot to look forward to.

Only two months from its original release date, the DLC is announced alongside an apology for the trouble found with the ‘online community creations feature’ at the game’s release. Now what better way to pick things up than by announcing that as Kane dons his new mask, THQ have included the superstar in a retro image taken from the Attitude era, giving players the chance to reminisce some of the classic moments of the late 1990s. And as way of thanks, this addition to the DLC will be free for two weeks as of the release date! Now THAT is some community love!

THQ did confirm that the latest masked Kane won’t be working his way into the pack, but as Cory Ledesma states, “We would love to include the latest masked Kane, the date of his debut and our model creation timelines made it impossible to include him in this pack.” So perhaps we can look forward to seeing him in the next release.

The release date for the Legends & Superstars DLC pack is January 31st, though PlayStation 3 gamers will have to wait until the day after as part of Sony’s territorial release dates.

However, a day before the pack is released we can look forward to a patch to help sort out some major and minor bugs. Seems that THQ had a chance to sit down and clear up a few issues before their chairs were used for battering purposes, having addressed problems with general game play, universe mode, online features and a few other miscellaneous creases that simply needed power driving out.

For a full and detailed list of the patch updates, head over to the WWE ’12 website and if you’re not already in the ring, we’ll see you there with our ‘Mucho Libre’ mask and spandex!

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