Kid Icarus: Uprising Intensity Trailer

Kid Icarus: Uprising is the soon to be released Nintendo 3DS exclusive coming from Project Sora, the development team behind the upcoming Wii U and 3DS Smash Bros titles. It has been made with the hardcore gamer in mind, allowing for a drastically increased difficulty or “Intensity level” on all of its stages, as shown in the trailer below.

In the game your “Intensity level” can be increased at the “Fiend’s Cauldron”, where you bet the hearts you gain by defeating enemies to increase the game’s difficulty. The pay off for doing this is that, “As the intensity increases, players will be able to earn more Hearts and more powerful weapon drops from defeated enemies.”

The game will arrive in Europe on March 23rd, and come packaged with a 3DS stand to combat issues industry professionals have had with the game’s control scheme, in which you use the Slide Pad to control the main character Pit and the stylus to control your aiming reticule.

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