Avengers vs. X-Men: Pre Release Thoughts

Go Cyclops go!

Brian Bendis began his Avengers stint at Marvel by dissassembling the team, using Scarlet Witch as a means to bring down The Avengers. He morphed into House of M, telling a story that was equally about The Avengers and the X-Men, showcasing their differing attitudes on how to deal with a rogue element like Scarlet Witch. The Avengers were against death, and the X-Men were for it… an act which led to a new reality being created, one which left lasting effects on the characters and the Marvel universe as a whole.

Now, nearly ten years later, events have come full circle to pit The Avengers against the X-Men once more… only this time, there’s no (apparent) enemy for them to battle against, rather we’re going to see a titanic throwdown between the two biggest groups in the Marvel universe.

It starts in March with Avengers vs. X-Men #0, and encompasses a plethora of supporting titles, tie-ins, and spin-offs. And honestly? It sounds fantastic.

The last ten years have seen plenty of spin-offs designed to bait readers into jumping into comic-books. Some of them worked commercially (Civil War) and some of them worked artistically (Fear Itself.) This one is aiming to do both by narrowing the focus down to a simple (at first sight) fight between superheroes that exists for two reasons.

1. To harness the momentum from The Avengers film/the critical praise for X-Men: First Class.
2. To have some amazing battles.

It’s the crossover version of the old ‘who would win in a fight between’ arguments, and personally, I think it’s genius. Comic-book fans love debating this sort of stuff, and putting it into a comic-book seems, to me, to be harking back to what made a crossover such as Secret War fun… namely seeing epic fights between characters in a series of ‘geek out’ moments for the ages.

Why just yesterday I was discussing who’d win in a fight between Thor and Storm. I vouched for Storm, and the other chap vouched for Thor. Now who’d win is ultimately irrelevent, because the truth is that the passion of the discussion tells me people care. And that’s what comic-books need. My affection for Fear Itself is, I’m guessing, a reaction to the lowered expectations people put out. But here? I’m pumped to see some good old fashioned fights, bolstered by the pay-off to a storyline that, though bumpy, feels well-organised in a book-end kinda way.

Sure you can argue that heroes fighting heroes is old hat. But me? I just want to see Cyclops taking Captain America to the limit.

I’d love to discuss this more in the comments section. Want a nerd debate? Bring it!


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