High Voltage Studios Developing for Wii U

High Voltage Software has added a Wii U logo to the bottom of their official site, showing that they have become an officially licensed third-party developer for the system. The developer is best known for their work on the Wii exclusive title The Conduit and its sequel. They also gained a lot of publicity by allowing PC game levels of control customisation in the game and pushing the graphics of the Wii hardware further than the majority of developers.

Whilst it’s unconfirmed, the current speculation online is that they are planning to port The Grinder, a Left 4 Dead style shooter long in development for the Wii, to the Wii U.

The studios chief creative officer, Eric Nofsinger, talked about what he wanted from Nintendo’s next generation hardware shortly before E3 last year and had this to say:

“From a development standpoint and from a games perspective, really there’s not much that it would need. The primary things that would really help out the system is more memory, of course – you always want more memory on whatever system you’re working on – and HD output.

Having a fixed output resolution of 480p, even in widescreen, it’s hard, because you make these assets and you know they look really great. Even if you show the same type of graphics but put it on a higher resolution output, it just immediately looks better on most modern televisions in the home.

If they could just have a higher output resolution and more memory, really the system could do a lot. You also want a faster processor. Multi-core would be great. But even if they just did only those two things we’d be very excited about it as a developer. They’d be hard pressed not to do those two things.”

From the sound of things, the Wii U should offer all the things High Voltage are looking for from Nintendo’s hardware. Considering how well they took advantage of the Wii, and how far they pushed it, I am personally very interested in seeing what they can come up with.

Are any of you excited to see High Voltage bring games to the Wii U? What would you like to see them develop for the system? Let us know in the comments below.

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