A new Ringu film – Sadako 3D Teaser!

It has been over a decade after the release of Ringu, and now one of the creepiest horror movie characters is to return in Sadako 3D.

The original film had people watch a disturbing video, after which they would receive a phone call telling them that they would die in seven days. Given that no one uses VHS anymore, this new instalment has had to update the idea, with the focus now on an online video of someone committing suicide.

Rumours begin to circulate that anyone who watches a certain Internet video of someone taking their own life will also uncontrollably commit suicide. High school teacher Akane (Satomi Ishihara) doesn’t believe it herself, until one of her female students dies from watching the video. Suddenly Akane and her boyfriend Takanori (Kôji Seto) are trying to uncover the mystery behind the video and prevent Sadako from coming back.

The story does have shades of Shion Sono’s Suicide Club. However, the film is based on a new novel by the author of the original Ringu novels, Kôji Suzuki, who is behind the script for the film. 

A teaser trailer has been released which can be viewed below. As well as featuring the iconic well, it also plays on the 3D aspect of reaching out to the viewer, with the final scene in particular raising the level of terror. See for yourself.  

Directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa, Sadako 3D will be released in Japan on May 12th. Given the huge cult following of the original trilogy there’s a good chance it’ll be picked up for a release across Europe… or failing that, there will be a US remake.

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