Daredevil. Issue 9. Comic Book Review!

It’s the cane. Chicks dig the cane!

Daredevil #9!
(Waid. Rivera. Rivera. Rodriguez!)

PREVIOUSLY: The second part of the Spider-Man and Daredevil team-up! Picking up where AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #677 left off, the next great love triangle of the Marvel Universe heats up!

Reading Daredevil is proving extremely hard when it comes to reviewing it. Why? Simple. It’s brilliant. Like absolutely brilliant. So good it makes my head hurt, so wonderfully fun it’s a crime, so beautifully crafted in art and writing that I scratch my head and wonder if Mark Waid and co’s talent is in bottled form. Marvel would certainly make a killing from it.

Indeed, it’s hard to find anything wrong with it.

The comic throws ideas at us with a thunderous volley worthy of Thor himself (or Storm, who’s going to destroy Thor in AvX.) We not only have Matthew going up against The Mole Man (an idea I love, because it harkens back to how Matthew inherited Mysterio and Mr. Hyde as villains from Spider-Man and Thor respectively), but we also have Matthew as a playboy on Bruce Wayne’s level, making time for Black Cat in a way vastly different to Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.

Ya know, normally that’d be a critique.

Daredevil is taking elements from other comics and has been since Waid took over. The tone feels akin to the best stories from The Flash, Matthew’s snark levels are Batman esque, and his sense of adventure feels like Green Lantern (easy to see why it’s the best DC book on the stands, eh?). But Waid is such a good writer that he’s merged these with who Daredevil was before Bendis decided Miller hadn’t been cruel enough, and just decided to write the most entertaining book out there.

So the critiques actually work in the books favour. Black Cat and Daredevil should not work. At all. Yet it does. Beautifully. And it’s not even the best part of this issue, which is seeing Matthew get really angry for the first time since Waid’s been writing him, furious at the thought that The Mole Man might have desecrated his father’s corpse.

And this is why Waid’s run is proving great.

He waited nine issues for that anger to show itself. Thus, it means more. The artwork underscores this, Matthew looking terrifying as he descends closer to Hell and finds the anger that almost consumed him in Shadowlands returning. It’s terrific work all round, really hammering home that Matthew never dealt with his anger – he just ignored it.

So it’s another fantastic issue. Nuff said!

Grade: A+

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