Winter Soldier. Issue Two. Comic Book Review!


Winter Soldier #1!
(Brubaker. Guice. Breitweiser)

When ex-Russian Sleeper Agents awaken, Winter Solider and Black Widow head into action!

The thing to note about Winter Soldier is that it seems an extremely self-assured title in terms of the writing. While this isn’t surprising given that Brubaker is directly responsible for Bucky’s resurrection and resulting role in the Marvel-verse, it is surprising given that he’s spent years writing Captain America, a title more traditionally inline with jingoism than the spy-feel of this title.

Or so you’d think.

Truth is that Captain America began to take on this feel the second Steve Rogers bit it post Civil-War, and Bucky too over. It was never a bad comic in this arrangement, rather it just felt a tad against what you’d expect from Captain America. Then came the Fear Itself death of Bucky and the post Fear Itself retcon of the death of Bucky, which led to this title.

And it’s clear that Brubaker prefers writing this to the ideals of the average Captain America.

Brubaker seems to have an affinity to the shadowy plots of a Doctor Doom or a Nick Fury, enjoying the moral ambiguity (ably assisted by the cracking team of Guice and Breitweiser on art) this title represents. Save for Bucky and Doom wearing masks, there’s little obviously superheroic here. We’re dealing with conspiracies and attempted assassinations with the occasional gorilla thrown in for variety.

We’re also dealing with a slow-burn plot.

Two issues in, and this seems plot-driven rather than character. We get glimpses of Bucky’s past and concerns, but mostly we’re getting setpieces and location shifts in admist Nick Fury being awesome and Doctor Doom being indignant. Neither of which is bad, it’s more that this feels like the second chapter in a long novel rather than a self-contained issue. I certainly want to read more, I’m just not sure where it’s actually going.

Grade: B

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