Pandora’s Tower to receive Limited Edition set in Europe

Following on from the limited edition of The Last Story (which is finally released in the UK this Friday), Ganbarion’s JRPG Pandora’s Tower is also set to receive a limited edition release exclusive to Europe.

The limited edition version will come with a steelbook case and an exclusive 32-page art book. While Europe has been lucky enough to actually have the likes of Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower reach their shores, it’s even more of a blessing to see that they’ve been bestowed with exclusive limited edition releases. Often selling out only to go for crazy prices on ebay, the recommended course of action is to pre-order the limited edition version as soon as you can!

Pandora’s Tower was released in Japan in May last year and tells the story of Athosian soldier Aeron, risking his life to save his best friend Elena, who has been cursed with a disease that is slowly causing her to transform into a demonic creature. A literal race against time, the only way to save Elena is to explore 13 towers and to feed her the “master flesh” from the largest monsters within.

Pandora’s Tower is released in the UK on the Nintendo Wii on April 13th.

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