Guild Wars 2 Beta Signup

It has already been confirmed that the Beta for Guild Wars 2 is only round the corner and as such AreaNet are accepting signups for the public beta now on the official website. I feel the need to stress the urgency at this stage; you have only until 6PM GMT Friday 24th February to register for the beta.

This really does help reflect on AreaNet’s promise to… you’re not still here are you? You should be at the Guild Wars website signing up! It’s fine I’ll wait…

Right, hello once more. Now that’s all sorted you can relax and breathe again. So as I was saying, this really is AreaNet sticking to their guns when they say that they will, “aggressively ramp up the size of our beta test events,” as come March/April time there will be on mass testing, as they have the serves open to those who have registered. You do need to specify what specifications your computer is running at, as it seems like Guild Wars 2 will be a game set on looking not only beautiful, but also manageable, with the designers taking into account the variations found in computers and laptops and what ‘tech’ consumers have put in.

Either way this game is set to turn heads and even from the usual console gamer as we covered previously. Keep an eye on the Buzz for more news soon. I know you’ll find me in game, that’s for certain.

Source: @Guildwars2 | Guild Wars 2 Official Site

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