The Raid Redemption Trailer and Poster

Ever since it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, the buzz on The Raid has been through the roof. One look at the trailer and it’s pretty easy to see why. An Indonesian action film from Welsh writer/director Gareth Evans, the action has been described as non-stop… literally, with a collection of shootouts, fist-fights and extreme stunts.

The set up involves Rama (Iko Uwais), a rookie cop who is part of a team sent to a run down apartment block which happens to be safe haven for criminals. Tasked with taking down Tama (Ray Sahetapy), the drug lord at the top floor, their mission is made more difficult after he is alerted to their presence. To make matters worse, they are locked in and Tama has placed a bounty on their heads. The only thing left to do is to fight to the top.

Sony Pictures Classics picked up the film for distribution in the US after viewing just a few scant scenes. Not only have they released a slightly redesigned poster, but they’ve also added Redemption to the title.

As with many of the stunts going on in this trailer, the final two scenes deserve to be highlighted, only because they look so insanely realistic. You kind of have to wonder how they accomplished this… unless we’re supposed to believe that they did it for real!

A sequel has been planned, and there is already talk of a US remake. If you want more, and can stomach it, then view the red band trailer if you haven’t already done so.

The Raid opens in the UK on May 18th and in the US on March 23rd.

Source: Collider

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