Halo 4 First Look Trailer

After a tantalising teaser which was a fully rendered cinematic, 343 Industries have decided to release a first look video at Halo 4, the start of the new trilogy. Well at least they release theirs in order Mr Lucas!

Announced earlier today on the Halo‘s Official Website and through Halo Waypoint on the Xbox (and other media gadgets), the trailer gives the first look at the newly remodelled weapons and armour along with some of the settings to be found in the multiplayer. After scrutinising this, I’ll let you have a watch then share some thoughts below.

Now some of us here may be rather big Halo fans, to the extent that as well as owning the games, we also have a few posters, comics, books, action figures, maybe even a full ODST suit of armour. It’s these people who are perhaps most irritated by Microsoft’s decision to carry on the franchise ended by its creator Bungie last year.

But putting aside the personal distaste for 343 Industries I can’t deny the fantastic quality found by the detail in the weapons and game overall. It’s managed to push even harder than Reach and much further than 343’s first Halo interaction on Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. The graphics look crisper and yet still retains a gritty look, leaving the pulsating forerunner architecture to shine through against bleak alien settings. The Battle Riffle is back, a deadly weapon for those MLG gamers and it looks beautiful. I feel it fits better than perhaps Halo’s previous iteration, due to the design resembling more of the Assault Rifle everyone knows and loves. Or I could simply be confusing a passion for continuity with poor effort on original design ideas.

Ahh, I’ve said it haven’t I, ‘continuity’. One word that doesn’t seem to fit ANYWEHRE into 343’s ongoing iterations of Halo. The video actually starts with Halo 3’s ending of Master Chief climbing into the ‘Cryo’ tank, something which doesn’t explain how he can burst out in new armour, with a jetpack and new weapons! Something explained even less when you see all the Spartans in… wait, what was that… Spartan IV’s? Okay war was over, humans and technically Elite’s won. The Spartan III’s were secret projects who were less powerful than the II’s. Why is there even a Spartan IV program let alone results? And if there was a need for them, how on earth did the Chief get their armour in the middle of space!?

I won’t go on; I can see my cheeks turning more red and that steam about my ears are a bad sign. Either way it’s early days for 343 and Halo 4 overall, so you can count on us to be keeping tabs on their actions and see if there’s any way for them to shed further light on these developments. In the meantime, enjoy and post your opinions below.

Source: Official Halo Website

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