Top 10 GazettE Songs: Part 1

With their 10th anniversary just around the corner and yet another album on its way, the GazettE are racking up their accomplishments. They might not be veterans quite yet, but they’ve certainly established themselves in the J-rock big leagues and are known for their musical variety, visual kei style and – let’s not kid ourselves – Reita‘s ever-present nose band. To celebrate the group’s entry into double digits we thought we’d choose 10 of their best songs to mark the occasion, so take a look below and get stuck into our definitive list of Gaze-goodness!


1. The Invisible Wall
An awesome track from their album DIM. Its video is arguably one of the band’s most striking, opening with the members silhouetted against a Shōji screen while rocking out. Oh, and if you’re paying attention to the subtitles, ignore Ruki‘s butchering of the English language and focus instead on the depth of the lyrics. Deep, eh?


2. Cassis
Essentially a heartfelt love ballad, Cassis is one of the band’s more mellow tunes and is commonly referred to as their ‘signature song.’ The video was shot in Austria and features pretty buildings, pretty scenery – and the members look pretty damn pretty too.


3. Chizuru
Chizuru (meaning ‘Thousand Cranes‘) is this writer’s personal favourite GazettE song of all time. Just crank up the volume and listen. PS. Not for the faint-hearted: This video contains promotional clips from the South Korean horror film ‘APT‘ (Apartment), so if you scare easily we recommend averting your peepers. There is an alternate PV for Chizuru without these clips, but where’s the fun in that?


4. Taion
If we can be slightly more serious for a moment, because Taion is a serious song. A tribute to Junko Furuta, a teenage girl who was murdered by classmates in a horrific case in 80s Japan, this is a powerful, heavy track with a beautifully symbolic video. It’s definitely worth a look and a listen.


5. Filth in the Beauty
Another loaded song, this time addressing sexual abuse within a family. The GazettE have a way of tackling controversial issues with a sort of sensitive ‘poetry’ – take the first three lines, for example: “The reverse side of beauty / It dyed by beloved filth / Sexual disgrace.” On a less sombre note, the video includes a seriously cool demonstration of synchronised headbanging (see 2.22).


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