Kpop And Britpop To Collaborate For A Japanese Album!

It has been revealed that rapping due GD & TOP from one of Kpops biggest boy group ‘Big Bang‘ have lent their voices for the track “Dancing On My Own” for Britpop soloist Pixie Lott. This is for her upcoming Japanese version of her album ‘YOUNG FOOLISH HAPPY‘ which is out on March 21st.

It seems that there will be a lot more interest in this album following the realisation that it features GD & TOP! With the recent release of Big Bang‘s latest album “Alive” and their experimental release of music videos, this is definitely a clever way to bring more popularity to Pixie Lott.

Pixie Lott debuted in 2009 with her single “Mama Do“ and claimed fame in the UK with “Boys And Girls“. This will be the first kind of collaboration between an English and Korean artist in the pop genre, but Big Bang are not new to this. Having collaborated with DIPLO, and their sister group ‘2NE1‘ working with Will.I.Am, I’m sure these boys will be as excited but as professional as possible.

Although I’m not a fan of Pixie Lott myself, I must say, knowing that GD & TOP‘s voice is going to be on one of her songs has definitely peaked my interest tenfold. What are your thoughts? Will it bring you around to listen to the song, or does it not make a shred of difference? Check out both artists music videos below.

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

GD&TOP – High High

Pixie Lott – Mama Do

Source: Allkpop

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