Top 10 GazettE Songs: Part 2

With their 10th anniversary today and yet another album on its way, the GazettE are racking up their accomplishments. They might not be veterans quite yet, but they’ve certainly established themselves in the J-rock big leagues and are known for their musical variety, visual kei style and – let’s not kid ourselves – Reita‘s ever-present nose band. To celebrate the group’s entry into double digits we thought we’d choose 10 of their best songs to mark the occasion, so take a look below and get stuck into Part 2 of our definitive list of Gaze-goodness!


6. Silly God Disco
This jazzy number is a bit different from the GazettE‘s usual ventures, and its video shows us what it would be like to be waited on by the boys. Also, Uruha‘s thighs.


7. D.L.N.
“Song of the sheep in the dark long night.” These mystifying words are repeated throughout the chorus of D.L.N. (Dark Long Night) in a melancholy female voice, but what do they mean? This seemingly bizarre lyrical choice makes a lot more sense if you know that the song is about a man slowly going blind. Okay, so the sheep part is still a bit of a mystery. But this is a prime example of just how well the GazettE can tap into people’s emotions with their music, and their on-stage version is truly haunting and a must-watch if you like the tune. 


8. Dim Scene 
One of DIM‘s more memorable tracks and arguably its most powerful. It almost lulls you into a false sense of security… and then 2.40 happens.


9. Pledge
This one’s a ballad from their latest album TOXIC all about broken relationships and letting go. The video screams ‘drama’ with its monochrome shots of rain and Ruki in leather, but the most poignant part (at least visually) is the contrast between the girl’s face at the beginning and at the end. Definitely one to add to the ‘heartbreak’ playlist.


10. Red
One of the most well-known tracks from TOXIC, previously released as a single. The intro is simply awesome and guitar-heavy, just how we like it, and is followed by an energetic melody and insane drumming from Kai, making Red an explosive finish to our list.     

What do you think? Are you a convert? Any favourites? If you’re already a fan, how does our Top 10 list match up to yours?

Follow the band on their official homepage and vocalist Ruki and guitarist Aois Twitter pages.

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