Nazi Sci-Fi Iron Sky set for Worldwide Distribution

Space Nazi’s from the dark side of the Moon plan an invasion of Earth. That’s the premise for the crazy B-movie Iron Sky, which received its US premiere at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin this past weekend. Before its screening it was finally picked up by Entertainment One for distribution across the US and Canada, who began negotiations after its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival last month.

Iron Sky is the Citizen Kane of Nazis-in-Space movies, said Dylan Wiley, vice-president of Entertainment One’s marketing and distribution. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring it to North American audiences, where its dedicated and rabid fan base is already demanding the film.” Though no date has been set, Wiley anticipates a spring release in the US and Canada.

From Blind Spot Pictures, Iron Sky is set in an alternate future, where the President bears striking resemblance to Sarah Palin! When a lone astronaut lands on the Moon and discovers a fortress shaped like a Swastika, the Moon Führer believes that the US is secretly planning an attack. So he decides to fast track their plan to invade the Earth.

The Australian/Finnish/German co-production was partially financed by Internet fans. “Now is the time to show that working with the audience pays off,” says Iron Sky’s director Timo Vuorensola. “Together with the online community, we financed, developed and produced the movie, and now it’s selling it.” The trailer has already achieved over seven million views!

Iron Sky has now been sold to over 70 countries and will first open in Finland and Norway on April 4th. A release across Germany, Switzerland and Austria will follow on April 5th. It has also been picked up for distribution as far as Australia, India and Japan (with dates to be finalised), while negotiations are underway to release the film across Italy, Spain, South Africa and Singapore.

Revolver nabbed the rights to distribute the film in the UK a few weeks back and have now confirmed that Iron Sky is set to open here on April 20th.

Source: Variety

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