Inversion multiplayer preview

Inversion has managed to do the seemingly impossible and bring a fresh take into the 3rd person shooter genre. Whilst the core gameplay remains noticeably “Gears-like”, Inversion adds something to the successful formula in the form of gravity manipulation.

The only mode playable in the preview build was Deathmatch (free for all), but other multiplayer modes that will be available in the full game include: Team Deathmatch, Hourglass (capture and defend the objective), Gravity Slaughter (extra points for gravity kills) and King of Gravity (fight for the only gravlink available on the map). Co-op modes are also present in the game with the main story being playable with another player, and survival mode which is Inversion’s horde mode.

Deathmatch consists of spawning in a map and eliminating as many of your opponents as possible whilst being killed as little as possible. Rolling, sprinting and taking cover are all vital parts of this, and if used correctly will save your life most of the time as you don’t have much health to lose in this game.

Different weapons are available as pickups on the map – my personal favourites being the shotgun which can turn nearby enemies into chunks of meat with a well-placed shot, and the two-handed machine gun that brutally overpowers most things in its path. There is also the option to change your load out before a match if you’d prefer. In the preview build we had the choice to swap our assault rifle for the shotgun, but it’s unknown yet whether we will be allowed to choose from a bigger list of weapons to spawn with when the game is released.

Inversion’s main feature is the addition of gravity manipulation weapons that can give you a huge advantage in fire fights – in fact I can’t even count the amount of times that a kickass blue blast of anti-gravity saved my life whilst getting shot at. Both anti-gravity and double gravity blasts are available, and when fired will see those affected either lifted into the air or pinned to the floor and left as a sitting duck. If hit with a gravity changing blast it is still possible to shoot back at your enemy though, so it’s not the end of the world.

Melee attacks in Inversion kill in one hit, and when a player is hit with a gravity blast it becomes possible to execute them brutally if you are standing near enough and press the melee button – although in my experience this will usually get you killed in a Deathmatch!

As well as gravity blasts, many maps have different surfaces that have different levels of gravity affecting them. For example, on one map it was possible to simply walk on the ceiling and shoot enemies from there. Fire fights can get pretty crazy because of this and you’ll have to check more than just what’s around corners when you’re traversing the game’s large maps.

The multiplayer modes can hold up to 12 players from what was seen in the preview build. Most of the time this led to hectic gun battles and constant action, but I was also forced to spend valuable time searching for people and falling further down the leaderboard on other occasions. The 12 player multiplayer works well for the most part, but I think that the game could benefit from a slightly larger number of players without getting too hectic. Of course this was only in Inversion’s Deathmatch mode, so perhaps the maps work a little better in team games.

Aside from the gameplay, customisation options allow us to play dress up and add further interest to Inversion’s multiplayer. Not many options were available in the preview build, but faces and clothing were both categories available to edit.

Inversion will be released in “early 2012,” and whether it’ll be a “Gears killer” or not is uncertain, but the game definitely has potential. Judging by what I’ve seen and played, we have a lot to look forward to when this epic shooter hits our consoles this year!

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