Watch the First Four Minutes of Nazi Sci-Fi Iron Sky

Following on from the news of its worldwide distribution, the first four and a half minutes of the sci-fi, B-movie Iron Sky have been uploaded on to YouTube by Energia Productions, the VFX company responsible for the film’s visual effects.

From Blind Spot Pictures, the film is set in an alternate future of 2018. After a couple of American astronauts land on the Moon they instantly discover a Nazi base! The Moon Führer believes that their arrival points towards an imminent attack by the US. So he decides to fast track their plan to invade the Earth.

The opening sequence features the astronauts coming across the mining base, only for the Nazi’s to discover the astronauts! Do note that this does feature a spot of violence and bad language.

So are you already sold? Or do you maybe find the premise too ludicrous to consider viewing?

Directed by Timo Vuorensola, Iron Sky is set to open in the UK on April 20th.

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