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Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Confirmed

Who said ninjas don’t exist? Well there are still some modern day ones around as it appears that a video nabbed from WonderCon confirms the prequel to the recently re-envisioned Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome . However, it seems that the powers of copyright protection are quick in their mysterious ways, and the trailer has sadly been removed from YouTube by NBC Universal due to infringement. Now it turns out that it was a demo reel that shouldn’t have even been at WonderCon, let alone on YouTube.

So we will be keeping an eye out for a more official release of the trailer and any images that can be found. In the meantime, here are a few below of the younger William Adama, played by actor Luke Pasqualino.

The remake which started in 2004 was a beautiful homage to the original series, expanding on the universe of ‘BSG’ and delving deeper into the pseudo science of man and machine. Fantastic visuals, some great performances and a fantastic music score of drums and strings, resulted in an enthralling series which lasted four seasons and tied off in a nice circular ending. Don’t panic, I won’t say any more about it here.

But in answer to the question of, “How do you follow up on something like this?” filming had begun last year for a prequel series which follows the early years of William Adama when he starts his career as Viper pilot Husker. Like an expansion on the RazorBack miniseries, these seems to be a way of giving a bit more depth to the ‘BSG’ network, and most of the filming has been done on green screen.

Unfortunately, it seems that Syfy has decided not to go ahead with Blood and Chrome as a regular TV series due to “the economics right now,” but may pursue the possibility of doing it as a digital series online, which coincidentally is what was initially set out for the project. However, Syfy do intend to air the pilot as a movie sometime in the future.



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