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MCM BUZZ – Movies, TV, Comics, Gaming, Anime, Cosplay News & Reviews » Interview with Vic Mignogna
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Interview with Vic Mignogna

When it comes to Anime dub voice actors, there are very few who are as well known as Vic Mignogna. He has starred in series’ from Street Fighter II to Fullmetal Alchemist, as well as having contributed his voice for video games, taken part in fan films, and produced several albums and tracks for Anime and adverts. I was lucky enough to be able to have a chat with Vic about his future plans, his love of the UK’s MCM fans, his music career, and rumours of homophobia.

Laura: For those who don’t know, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Vic: Well, I have been involved in all sorts of creative pursuits ever since I was very young. Acting, singing, filmmaking, drawing, music, sculpting, etc. Then about 13 years ago I was encouraged to audition for a tiny company in Houston, TX called ADV Films. I did, and got cast in an anime called Street Fighter II. Since then my voice acting career has just grown and become my main job.

Laura: In terms of your voice acting, many people have commented that you use similar voices for many of your characters, to which you replied your job is not to hide your voice, but to act with it. With this in mind, how do you get into the right mindset for your different characters?

Vic: While there are certainly characters that I have played who sound similar, there are also many others that are less well known that sound nothing like me. People are often surprised to find that I play some roles. The same can be true for most voice actors. Changing your voice is not the goal… the goal is to play the character honestly and convincingly. The difference is in the attitude and personality of each character.

Laura: In terms of your song writing you have comedic songs like Soldier A, more serious (yet still Anime inspired) tracks like Nothing I Won’t Give and even worked on Anime theme songs. What is your favourite type of music to work on and why? Do you have a favourite track you’ve been involved in or created?

Vic: I have always loved soft rock and ballads. I’ve challenged myself to write all types and styles of music, especially when working in the advertising world. But I just love love songs! I don’t think I could pick a favorite… I’ve written too many!

Laura: In October last year you appeared at the MCM Expo in London, hosting panels and performing at the Saturday night Party. What differences do you see between UK and US conventions? How do your fans at both differ?

Vic: I had the best time at last year’s MCM Expo. The fans are awesome and just as enthusiastic as those in the states. Anime fans are brilliant all over the world!

Laura: Several years ago you began showing a short fan made movie called Fullmetal Fantasy at conventions. Could you tell us a little about it, and how it came to be? What sort of reception and feedback do you tend to get on it?

Vic: Shortly after starting the recording of Fullmetal Alchemist, I toyed with the idea of making a fan film where a normal guy starts turning into an Anime character. I invited several of the voice actors from FMA to be part of it and they agreed. We all got together in Houston one weekend and shot this little film I wrote. It very quickly became pretty popular in the convention circuit. I think the fans enjoy knowing that some of us voice actors love the shows as much as they do :).

Laura: It’s known that you’re a fairly big Star Trek fan. Could you tell us a little about Star Trek Phase II (New Voyages) and your involvement in it?

Vic: I played some roles and even directed several episodes for Phase II. But I came to be very disappointed in some of the behaviour and attitudes of that particular production, and have since directed an episode for a fantastic group called “Starship Farragut“. We had such a great time that I partnered with them, and am very excited to announce that we are launching a brand new web series called STAR TREK CONTINUES where I will have the privilege of fulfilling a childhood dream of playing Captain Kirk! The entire cast is an amazing group of actors and I think the fans will really enjoy it.

Laura: You’re very open about being a Christian voice actor ( quotes 1 Corinthians 9: 19- 27 on its front page and you reportedly turned down the role of Gojyo in Saiyuki due to the character’s level of swearing). This and some quotes you made referring to your dislike of Yaoi of your characters have led some to believe online that you are homophobic (if you search Vic Mignogna on Google it’s one of the suggested searches). How would you respond to the suggestions that you are homophobic?

Vic: That is absurd and not in any way true. I have never spoken or expressed one word to support such a horrible rumor. I find it funny that the people who start and spread such lies do so because they assume that because I am a Christian I must be homophobic. How judgemental… and wrong.

Laura: I’ve put a little video below of you at a panel discussing those rumours below.

Laura: What is the greatest experience you have had since entering the entertainment industry?

Vic: The fans have been so enthusiastic and supportive of my work and I am grateful beyond words. I never imagined when I started voice acting that it would grow into the career that it has for me, and I will never cease to be humbled and thankful for the privilege to do what I do.

Laura: Lastly, do you have any final words?

Vic: I just want to thank the fans. Voice actors don’t get paid much money, and that’s just fine with me. Because the love, support, kindness and encouragement that I receive from fans all over the world is PRICELESS. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

You can keep up to date with Vic Mignogna at his official fan club website.

Vic Mignogna will be at the MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con, which takes place on Saturday 31st March and 1st April 2012. Tickets are available from the MCM Expo Store.



  1. ~lol~ Even today, all you have to do is say you’re Christian and people want to throw you on some Cross. Comes with the territory.

  2. BlueThunder says:

    Vic Mognogna is no Christian. Given the fact that his history and antics have given him a less than sterling reputation with quite a few people, I find it hard to believe that he is of such a religion. Especially when his antics have brought him nothing but negativity and an already tranished reputation to the Starship Farragut production.

    This Star Trek fan film project of his is nothing more than an act of spite against the hard working people over at Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase II. Personally, this kind of vendetta is not only(as Spock would say ‘illogical’)but also disgusting as sin.

    Avoid Star Trek Continues like AIDS and stick with Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase II.

    • derp says:

      Oh, I’m sure he is one, considering how much he preaches.

    • Loyal Ranger says:

      I have to disagree on you with Vic not being a Christian. To be as kind as Vic is and as humble. Its “illogical” For him to not be a Christian.

      • anonymous says:

        Actually he’s not the type of Christian from 2000 years ago, he’s the modern Christian that is the very opposite of the 2000 year old Christian Religion the kind of: “Hate thy neighbor” rather than “love thy neighbor”. The thing is in interviews he’s nice but backstage he’s quite the opposite of “nice”. Me and my friend wanted to interview him and he refused because of my sexuality and seeing my badge that has a ribbon that says “I love Yaoi” on it. He’s not what you expect from someone who is attached to a religion that has gone pretty bad.

  3. Polaris01313-1 says:

    Vic Mignogna said it was a childhood dream of his to play JTK? After what happened last month and what was revealed, it’s more like a childhood nightmare for fans!

    Farragut Films has royally screwed up and destroyed their reputation by doing this.

    • Bandy says:

      Take a look at the finished product. STC Is classic season 2 trek. I have never seen a fan production and know nothing about anyone involved. I just know a good story when I see one, and this is it.

      • Aaron C says:

        I agree. I don’t know the background or why the bad blood, but I just watched the two episodes of STC and it’s the only fan production of Trek that I want to see more of. Vic is spot on as Kirk, the writing is fantastic, and the other actors with a couple exceptions are top notch as well.

  4. MoeKiller says:

    Gah! Why does this guy exist? I blame him for the bad rep dubbing has got as a whole. Stupid fool!

  5. anonymous says:

    I met Vic once at a con. I asked him to sign a FMA picture for me, and he refused because he said “it looked like yaoi” even though it was canon art work by Arakawa herself. He continued on to rant and personally victimize me for ‘pressuring’ him into signing something he was uncomfortable with. They were just standing next to each other. I was in tears and a few on lookers were giving him the stink eye cuz they heard everything he said to me. People we’re leaving his autograph line. He seemed to panic a little, grabbed one of those big pictures of his stupid face, slapped on a signature and tried to make me feel better, but I was already crushed. He asked for my name and when I told him a male name, he scoffed at me. I assumed it was because im a trans guy, pre-t, and still have a feminine looking face. He kept using female pronouns in reference to me as well. He misgendered me and called me out for something stupid and made me cry in the middle of the con. He took his picture with me and my friend and before we left I ripped up his signature right in his face. The rest was horrible and destroyed my admiration to a great voice actor, but at least I got to see that look on his face before I walked away.

  6. anonymous says:

    I met Vic more than once but the last time i met him was Anime Expo 2013 i was with my boyfriend and we were both cosplaying Kaito and Gakupo at the time and when i asked Vic to sign my convention book he refused to sign it and told us both to leave all because i’m holding hands with my boyfriend. Seriously you think i would trust someone like that? I gave up all my hope for being his fan.

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