Pixie Lott Ft GD&Top Release “Dancing On My Own”

As previously reported, the Kpop world’s biggest rapping stars GD&TOP would be featuring on the Japanese album of Britpop princess Pixie Lott. Well the wait is over and her album was released, but as expected, most people who bought it rushed to listen to the track “Dancing On My Own” to see what the Kpop and Britpop collaboration sounded like.

Starting with the Big Bang boys English vocals, a small story is laid out before us. A smooth rhythmical beat emerges with the classic Britpop sound. Funnily the track actually showcases equal participation from both sides. Pixie’s husky voice goes well with the sultry tones of GD&TOP‘s masculine voices. One of my favourite parts of this song is the fact GD&TOP are singing in English, although not fully rapping, they are not fully singing either. It’s like they are speaking their words, whilst the emotion is thrown forward by Pixie’s singing. I was originally not expecting much from this collaboration, but I now feel that the Kpop genre is breaking through a little and mixing well with Britpop. 



Who knows, this could be one huge step forward for Kpop breaking into the western market. Big Bang recently released their fifth Korean album titled ‘Alive‘ which has taken the globe by storm. The album itself even ranked #7 on the U.S. iTunes Album Chart, while it ranked #4 on the Canadian chart. Hopefully this small collaboration will bring the world of Kpop to the UK.

Pixie Lott has expressed her excitement by even posting on her Facebook that GD&TOP would be on her debut album in Japan. She stated that she “couldn’t wait to hear it.” A representative of YG Entertainment shared, “This is just the beginning. YG Entertainment’s artists will collaborate with international musicians more often in the future.

Pixie’s Japanese version of her album ‘YOUNG FOOLISH HAPPY’ was released on the 21st of March, consisting of her big hits such as ‘Mama Do‘, ‘Boys and Girls‘ and ‘Cry Me Out‘. 

What are your thoughts on the song? Do you like it? Who from the Kpop world would you like to see collaborate with in the Western world? Why not check out the song, and leave us a comment below!

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