Amazing Spider-Man. Issue 683. Comic Book Review!

Beautiful variant!

ASM #683!

Ends of the Earth, Part Two, appears on the same day as AvX #1. And I can confidently say that ASM #683 has the feel of a unique battle scenario nailed in a way that AvX just doesn’t quite manage.

I think the success of Dan Slott’s run on ASM has to do with how he’s bridging aspects from decades of continuity in a coherent and clever fashion. When you witness Peter Parker using his brain to come up with ways to neutralise the Sinister Six, and the Sinister Six in turn come up with ways to neutralise The Avengers, you’re dealing with an exceptionally crafted story.

Indeed, there’s something of a chess motif to this event.

Dr. Octopus and Spider-Man are both markedly ahead of their contemporaries, engaged in a constant game of one-upmanship. The central theme revolves around Dr. Octopus trying to save the world, while Spider-Man tries to stop him at all costs. In that respect, this has the feel of The Dark Knight, with the villain trying to manipulate the hero into surrendering his ethics.

It’s a nice switch on the usual Spider-Man story.

With Peter’s life going swimmingly, Otto Octavius is trying to destroy him by painting himself as the saviour of humanity. Thus tearing Spider-Man down in the eyes of New Yorkers after the events of Spider-Island.

So I can safely say I’m very impressed with the writing. Particularly the way that Slott is having Peter logically react to situations. Instead of letting things happen, he’s moving pro-actively. It’s reasserting his intelligence, and making this a particularly inspired story. It’s old hat at this point, but the inspiration of Doctor Who is working wonders for old Webhead.

Praise must also go to the art. Conveying Peter’s intelligence and his desire to stop Otto is no easy feat, and yet here it’s skillfully crated. Special attention must also go to the revised costume, which is just beautiful to look at. I dare say it’s an even better costume than his traditional one – better suited for battle purposes, at the very least.

So Dan Slott has managed to create the best comic-book featuring The Avengers this week, and yet still have it feel distinctly Spider-Man in nature. That takes talent.

Grade: A- 

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