Dalek Generations Return to Doctor Who

This week it was announced the Doctor will come face to face with every generation of the Daleks in the new seventh series of Doctor Who, from the 1970s to the 2010 models.

The evil ‘salt and pepper pots’ will return to the series after a break from world domination when the show’s bosses retired the Daleks to avoid audiences tiring of them. The Doctor’s evil foes will return in true Dalek-style when the Doctor, Amy and Rory unexpectedly come up against an army of them. The news that the classic Who baddies had been shelved last year was met with much disappointment, however the blast from the past has caused excitement amongst fans.

The surprise twist is a nod to the 50th anniversary of the show which is due to be celebrated next year. The Daleks have repeatedly changed their image since the 1970s, during which they were all a uniform grey, had smaller bases, a blue eye stalk and despite claiming to be the superior race of the universe were stumped by stairs, uneven surfaces, and steps. They made a shocking return in 1979 when they appeared more two dimensional than ever before – quite literally – when cardbroad cut outs were used to bulk out the ‘army’.

Thankfully a lot has changed since then and it’s highly unlikely the cut out Daleks will be used, however there will be a noticeable contrast between the cruder older ones and the bulkier new types – dubbed iDaleks by some fans – who are no longer vertically challenged. Images revealing various Dalek parts have been released by the BBC and a clip from the episode can be seen in the series preview.

Doctor Who will be returning to our screens this autumn featuring new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman in five episodes followed by a Christmas special as part of the build up to the 50th anniversary celebrations, during which there will be eight initial episodes and several TV specials.

The show’s chief Steven Moffat said: ”Next year is a great year to be a ‘Doctor Who’ fan.”

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