SISTAR Release Teasers For Comeback

The first quarter of the year saw many new Kpop groups such as B.A.P, Nu’EST, EXO, and BToB emerging and debuting with a bang, but now the second quarter is starting  and it’s falling prey to some amazing comebacks. The four membered girl group SISTAR are not one to miss out, and have recently released a full group teaser photo and a video teaser for eldest member Bora.

SISTAR unveiled their first teaser image for their upcoming mini album on April 4th titled “Alone“. The photo was titled “Red Photoshoot” as it shows the four girls lined up against a bright pillar box red wall, wearing tight leather outfits oozing a dramatic, yet damn sexy provocative aura. The members’ eyes have already been dubbed the “provocative stare” by netizens and have sparked a lot of talk among fans.

The second teaser to their anticipated comeback, is a video showcasing a new style for Bora. Looking beautiful and more mature, we see Bora in a club in what seems to be Las Vagas. The background music could be a hint of what’s to come, but knowing how the Kpop world likes to troll us fans, the backing song could possibly have nothing to do with the upcoming release.

Something that’s becoming a hot topic very fast, is the very detailed and contrasting tattoo on Bora’s right shoulder. Netizens are going crazy hoping and praying that the tattoo is indeed fake and just part of the new feel the girls are going for in their comeback.

SISTAR’s new album is set for release on April 12th. The title single is called “Myself,” which has been produced by Brave Brothers. It is reported that the song will incorporate a more acoustic sound, instead of the usual electronic dance beats we have grown accustomed to with SISTAR.

I’m looking forward to seeing the girls back on stage and in the headlines. Their previous songs have proven to be hits among many, along with their sexy yet cute personalities, and the power of their vocals. I’m sure we are in for a big change which will be beneficial to them. 

What are your thoughts on the girls return? Are you a fan? Drop us a comment below!

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