Harry Potter Studio Tour grand opening!

Last week saw the grand opening of the Harry Potter studio tour at the Warner Brothers Leavesden studios in the UK. Stars from the films including Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) walked down the red carpet at the event, and we were there to greet them!

So click play below to see who Kye and Liam spoke to and then read on for more exclusive comments from the cast and crew!


Here’s what they had to say off camera:


Tom Felton

Kye: What does it means to you to have all the fans here in the place that you grew up for so long?

Tom: It’s kind of weird – a bit surreal I suppose, but it’s exciting. We never expected this to happen and it’s great that Warner Brothers have felt proud enough to do this – you know, build it a permanent home and gives fans a chance to see it close up.

Kye: What is your favourite set?

Tom: It’s very hard to pick one isn’t it? I’m particularly fond of the Great Hall, it was kind of a second home to us so it’s awesome that its got a permanent home now for people to come and check out for themselves.

Kye: If you could choose three things to take from the sets, what would you choose?

Tom: I’d love to take my wand, that would be very cool. I like Voldemort’s robe. The Chamber of Secrets’ door is pretty cool as well so I wouldn’t mind keeping that.

Kye: Do you have a favourite moment shooting on any of these sets?

Tom: It’s very hard to pick one to be honest. I can’t help but enjoy walking into the Great Hall, it hasn’t lost its touch over the years and I’m over the moon that people are going to get a chance to experience it for themselves.


Rupert Grint

Kye: What does it mean to you to have all of the fans here at your “home away from home”?

Rupert: It does still kind of surprise me that people haven’t got bored of it yet – they still want more and they’re still excited. It means a lot and I’m so excited that people will get a chance to enjoy this and they didn’t just put everything in a storage container and forget about it.

Kye: What’s your favourite set?

Rupert: I don’t know, there are so many great sets. The boys dormitory is quite special, to see our beds and to see how small they were. The Great Hall is amazing, there’s the potions shop, and the Weasley kitchen is really great. There’s so much to see.

Kye: Did you take anything with you after filming?

Rupert: Yeah, definitely!

Rupert was also asked about his upcoming film, The Drummer, and any other projects that he has in the future now that he has finished with Harry Potter, saying: “It’s great to have these new challenges and that’s the best thing there is about finishing something like this, as sad as it is it gives you so much freedom to do what you want and I’m excited for that.” He added: “I’ve been practicing my American accent a little bit – I’ve been watching a lot of Saved by the Bell.” On other projects, Rupert said: “I did another film earlier last year, it’s a World War two film called Into the White and it comes out soon.


Harry Melling

Kye: Do you have a favourite set?

Harry: My favourite set would probably have to be Privet Drive, because that’s home, that’s where we spent a lot of our time here (Leavesden) certainly.

Kye: And do you have a set inside that you would like to try out?

Harry: Well I always remember watching Diagon Alley being made and thinking, “Wow, that looks kind of exciting,” and the Room of Requirement is amazing as well, but everywhere really!

Kye:  How does it feel to open everything up to the public?

Harry: Amazing! I’ve never been inside so I have no idea what’s in there, but it feels very exciting to be opening this world to everyone else. It’s very cool.

Kye:  And do you have anything that you’re planning for after this world?

Harry: I’ve done quite a bit of theatre since leaving which has been great, and I’m about to do a pilot for ITV which is for a sitcom, so we’ll see if that has any legs after the pilot has aired. 


Nick Moran

Kye: Do you have any fun facts or little secrets about what went on behind the scenes?

Nick: When we were rehearsing the scene in Malfoy Manor, Helena Bonham Carter had these shoes on with springs in the heels, and some actors like to wear their character’s shoes when rehearsing because it gives them an idea of how to stand, so I said to her “Are you wearing your character’s (Bellatrix Lestrange) shoes for rehearsing?” and she said “Oh no darling, they’re mine!” That was just a little thing that reminded me that she’s mad – but lovely!  There’s loads of little in-gags when filming, but they’re just a lovely bunch of people and every day was like going to a playground.

Kye: Did you take anything back home with you when you finished filming?

Nick: No! You would be in Azkaban – they would put you in prison for that. They’re very very strict, you sign in and sign out with the wands, someone takes them from you inbetween takes and give them back to you. There were times when we’d do takes and someone wouldn’t have a wand because they wouldn’t be given back to them. They’re really really protective. I wanted to try and take the coat because the coat was made for me and it had this lovely red lining inside, and they wouldn’t let me because they’re going to have it in the museum.


David Bradley

Kye: What is it like to open the place that you worked for so many years to the public like this?

David: Well it’s a surprise because I never expected to, and when we were making the films I never expected that one day this would become what it has become. I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t know much about it, but I gather that all the sets are in there and all the creatures. I’m sure that lots of young people visiting for the first time will get a unique insight into how big movies are made, what goes into them, the number of people involved and the amount of dedication required, and I hope that they’re inspired by this to go out and make their own movies.

Kye: What’s your favourite set and why?

David: It has to be the Great Hall really, and the last time I saw it – two years ago – I was sweeping up the mess with my brush and it was in a bit of a mess really, so I’m looking forward to seeing it restored to its former glory.

Kye: If you could choose three things to take from the sets, what would you choose?

David: I think I would take Dumbledore’s seat, Harry’s wand and Mrs Norris – I’d like to take Mrs Norris home with me.


Natalia Tena

Kye: What’s your favourite set?

Natalia: Well my favourite thing in there – which is not a set – is actually the Hogwarts model. It’s amazing! I just can’t believe that someone did that – someone did that! It blew my mind. There’s a day and night cycle too and you get to see all the lights.

Kye: If you could choose three things to take from the sets, what would you choose?

Natalia: My wand. Buckbeak – I want to see how my cat would deal with that kind of animal, she’d freak out! And all of Umbridge’s cat plates that were really ugly, I’d put them in the kitchen and freak out my flatmates.

On other filming projects, Natalia said: “My Game of Thrones thing is coming out soon, and I’m at the moment filming Falcon which is very different to this. It’s set in Seville and it’s a crime thriller – very violent and it’s fantastic. I love that kind of stuff because I was obsessed with Crackle as a kid, and I love Agatha Christie. I play a police woman and she’s very straight – very opposite to this and Game of Thrones.

On her band, Natalia said: “We’ve just filmed our new music video Tick Tock which is about death – in a good way! It’s inevitable but lets have it to the rhythm of life. We filmed that in Malaga in a cemetery – I’ve even got my own coffin ready made, so when I die it’s all sorted, I’m so excited! Then we went to Madrid and had a launch for our band and I’m very excited about it, it’s nearly the festival season again and I’m ready.” She added: “We’re playing at so many, in loads of countries so I’m really excited!”


David Heyman

Kye: Which elements did you find hardest to bring to life in the films and why?

David: The underwater sequence in The Goblet of Fire was hard to do because we had to create the whole world down there, and filming underwater is never easy. The final battle was hard, you know you want to do it justice, bring the series to a conclusion so that wasn’t without its challenges. And actually making the films whilst you’ve got young actors that have to go to school for three hours every day, need a break every 15 minutes and are only allowed to be on set for 9.5 hours was quite challenging when filming. There were challenges, but it was great.

Kye: If you could choose three things to get from the sets, what would you choose?

David: I’d take the Great Hall – but I don’t know where I’d fit it. I’d like a Time Turner because I love the Time Turner, it’s a beautiful prop. And I’d like a wand – that works! I’d actually also like the Gryffindor common room which is one of the warmest, cosiest places.


David Yates:

Kye: What were some problems that you faced when directing the last movie, and how did you overcome them?

David: It’s the length of time shooting the movie – it took so long to get them shot, and so what happens is that you tend to get knackered by the end. So you’ve got to keep your stamina and energy going.

Kye:  And what does it mean to you now that the public are here at all of the sets?

David: Oh it’s wonderful! I feel a great sense of pride coming here and seeing that the energy and enthusiasm for this series of stories is still there, and I’m really proud of the great work that people will get to see and enjoy in the museum. It’s really special.

Kye:  What’s your favourite thing inside?

David: The Great Hall. I love the Great Hall. It’s like a church, it’s really popular and I think it’s because it has a wonderful atmosphere. And I really love the model of Hogwarts – I think that’s spectacular.

Kye:  Do you have any little behind the scenes facts or secrets that you can tell us?

David: The actors were always corpsing which was murder sometimes.


Evanna Lynch

Kye: You had some input on your earrings and hat, but did you get to have any input on the Lovegood house?

Evanna: They asked me if I would be interested in doing the paintings on the wall, and I really wanted to but I was doing my exams at the time. They got an amazing artist in to do it and it was all hand painted and really cool, but I wish had because I can forget about my exams – I don’t even remember what I got – and if I’d done the Lovegood house that would’ve been there forever. But I’m really happy with what they did and it’s just nice that they asked and they wanted my involvement.

Kye: You are known for being most like your character out of anyone in the cast, but have you ever seen anyone else that has seemed a lot like their character?

Evanna: I think everyone has traits a bit like their characters. I often think though – and it was Helena Bonham Carter that mentioned this – that Rupert is quite Luna-like. He’s very much off in his own world, and he’s quite happy just sitting there and observing everything. You get a lot of people in this industry that are out to make an impression and he’s not like that. Rupert is the Luna in the famous people world – that’s how she would cope with it I think. I stress out about these events.

Kye: Can you tell us about your new project, Sinbad? Have you finished filming in Malta?

Evanna: I only did one episode. I did a small part, it’s quite different to Luna – she’s got an evil streak to her which is nice. My episode won’t be for another few months. The show is starting in summer on Sky One.


Bonnie Wright spoke about her upcoming filming projects when we saw her on the red carpet, she said: “The (film) I’m doing later on this year is a British film called It’s a Wonderful Life, and then there’s an American film that I’m doing but I can’t say too much about that one.” She added: “I’ve got an American and an English character coming up”


The Warner Brothers Harry Potter Leavesden Studio Tour is now open. Tickets can be booked here so make sure you don’t miss out!

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