Resident Evil 6 Captivate Trailer Reveals New Release Date

Capcom unveiled a new trailer for Resident Evil 6 at Captivate, and it has now finally made its way online.

It has been a decade since the Raccoon City incident, and we discover that former survivors Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy now have to contend with an all-new C-Virus. It has also brought about the creation of a new type of zombie, the J’avo, capable of regenerating. Amidst this is new character Jake Muller, a mercenary who happens to be the son of Albert Wesker. Trying his best to evade the authorities, it appears that his blood holds the key to a cure.

The new trailer shows Leon and Chris finally sharing the screen together in a Resident Evil game. There are a few familiar faces too, including a certain someone who has grown up since we last saw them in Resident Evil 2. We also see that VHS is still in use!

The game was to be released worldwide on November 20th 2012, but the trailer reveals that this has now been moved forward to October 2nd. It makes for quite a change since video games are often delayed, though Capcom haven’t revealed their reason for the move. Maybe they wanted to avoid the next game in the Call of Duty franchise (where the last three games have all been released in November).

Because of the three different campaigns involving the three playable characters, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and Jake Muller, the game’s director, Eiichiro Sasaki, has also revealed that Resident Evil 6 is “around 30 hours long.” Speaking to Now Gamer, Sasaki said that, “In terms of length, each character’s story is a little bit less than RE5 but when you combine them together you’re getting something that is much longer. While each character’s story stands alone, all of the characters wind up in the same area of the game, in China, so there is a certain level of overlap.” It’s also been hinted that your actions in one campaign may effect what happens in another.

Resident Evil 6 will be released for the PS3 and XBOX 360.

Source: Now Gamer

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