Neurowear’s Necomimi to sell in Japan at the end of April

Neurowear’s Necomimi first hit the news last year when a prototype was unveiled. The unique headgear had undergone some tests before they went ahead with a commercial version, which will finally be available to purchase in Japan later this month.

Neurowear have announced that their Necomimi will be available for pre-sale at the next NicoNico Summit, held on April 28th-29th at the Makuhari Messe. The pre-sale price is ¥7,900 (around $97 / £61) Following this, it will be available to purchase at NicoNico headquarters in Tokyo Harajuku from April 30th for ¥8,980 (around $111 / £69).

A commercial version for North America has also been completed but no official release date has been set. There is also currently no sign of a European release, though Neurowear claim to be “doing market research and test sales in limited volumes” outside of Japan (as an example of test sales, it turns out that a small batch were sold at Sakura-Con in Seattle some days ago).

Powered by NeuroSky technology, Neurowear’s Necomimi has ears that move depending on your mood. Sensors built into the headband detect brainwaves given off by the wearer, which causes the ears to move and therefore reveals their emotional state, be their interested in something (ears perk up), or relaxed (ears move down). 

It takes 4 AAA batteries and will last for four hours of continuous use. It also includes a supportive strap to prevent it from slipping. The ears are interchangeable, with Nerowear revealing that they will be selling different coloured ears, so you don’t just have to settle for the standard white.

Provided it doesn’t sell out, and you have the cash, as well as a reliable contact in Japan, then you might be able to get your hands on one before the London Expo in May!

If you can’t wait till then, and you really want to try one out, then you could make your way to The Gadget Show Live which is running in Birmingham this week, where the Necomimi is currently exhibiting (under NeuroSky).

Are you interested in purchasing one? Do note that the correct answer to that question is YES.

Source: Neurowear

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