Max Payne 3 Latest Information Round-Up

With less than a month until the release of Max Payne 3, we decided to have a round-up of some of the great facts about the new game. The April PAX event finished last weekend and Rockstar Games had a great Q&A session helping to confirm some of the final points about Max Payne 3.

As most of the questions revolve around the multiplayer aspect to the game, it appears people are still curious about the way in which the multiplayer will include Bullet Time. Rockstar have been kind enough to confirm that Bullet Time will be included and will rely on line of sight. The game will include a Soft Lock targeting system which will snap to the nearest bone, helping you target but also allowing shot reactions to still be diverse. But if you are a natural dead eye, aim assist is still optional and so can be deactivated within a large range of customisable settings.

Unlike most of the games on the market and with recent trends, Max Payne is still an old classic third person shooter, meaning cover based action is not the heart and soul of the game, just slow motion dives and quick reactions. As the focus is not cover based, health won’t simply regenerate so players will have to time the use of painkillers for the tactical advantage.

The game works on making each fight as critical and nail biting as possible. Aim well and if you kill the guy that shot you, you’ll be revived at the cost of one painkiller and whatever Bullet Time you had. However if you take a fatal shot whilst carrying at least one painkiller you’ll enter ‘Last Man Standing’, a small system with automatic Bullet Time activated. The recital will drift towards the guy that shot you, giving you the opportunity for an explosive comeback. 

Without treading over details that have already been confirmed, the final two points that Rockstar touched upon were to do with the single player aspect to the game. Firstly Rockstar have truly aimed to create a cinematic experience with Max Payne. All the games have been heavily story based, and truly rely on looking through Max’s eyes. Made ever so clearer by reminiscing the scene of the first Max Payne, where you relive your memories by following the darkened blood trail through your house, hunting for the thugs who killed your wife and child. Games which really try to draw you in for immersive gameplay can be let down by the ever awkward interruption of the loading screen. Nothing kills a mood more than a black screen with an ever spinning hour glass. Max Payne 3 will be a continual story with seamless transitions from gameplay to cut scene and not a loading screen in sight. Best way to really get into the head of Max with non-stop action.

And to top it all off, James McCaffrey will once again be the voice of Max and for the first time he’s going to be the face too. When you consider how old the series is, that’s not so surprising for the technology at the time, so it’s good that McCaffrey will be able to finally give his full talents in every aspect to the role.

Max Payne 3 will be released on May 15th for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Note that today is also the last day to pre-order from Rockstar so make sure you don’t miss out.

Source: Rockstar Games Twitter Feed

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