Dragon’s Dogma Demo Dated

Capcom have set the date for the Dragon’s Dogma demo as the 24th of April.

The demo will available globally for download on Xbox Live from the 24th, and a day later on PSN on the 25th due to the different update schedules that the networks have.

Dragon’s Dogma sees you do battle against mythical creatures such as a Griffin, a Chimera and, of course, Dragons. You will lead a party of three pawns on your quests and experience different types of terrain, monsters and weapons to slay them with along the way.

The demo released will feature the Fighter and Strider classes, who are experts with melee and ranged combat respectively. You can also experience the character customisation features in the demo, and then import your creations into the full game when it releases.

Dragon’s Dogma is released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 starting from the 22nd of May.

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