Crysis 3 Unveiled by EA

EA managed to drop a war hardened bombshell by confirming and unveiling Crysis 3. Crytek is set to be pushing the limits on hardware across all platforms with visual and gameplay settings worthy of the Next Gen’ consoles. And yet still it is announced for only spring 2013, meaning you can expect to see it on the console currently residing in your front room.

Crytek have certainly learnt from the previous two iterations and are pushing the boundaries of what they can bring to the table for the next instalment. Set once more in New York City, Crysis 3 moves on with a time leap and puts you in a man-made sealed environment referred to as the “Liberty City dome”, a giant Nanodome city with wide structures that were set to protect the population and to cleanse the remaining Ceph forces. With a general distaste from the fans at the transition of jungle to city streets, from the first game to the sequel, it seems EA are really combining the best aspects from both games as these liberty city domes make you explore man made tropical jungles beset with Ceph and militia from the CELL organisation alike.

The story proceeds with Crysis 2’s Prophet set on vengeance within the Nanodomes as he sneaks, sprints and butchers his way through new alien variations and human enemies, and boy is he going to have the space to do it in too! Crysis 2 had the height but lost the scope in the angle of the city. Without sounding too simplistic, it needed to be wider. Crysis had you coming at enemies from every possible angle and with the enhanced strength and super jumps, up was always a preferred vector of approach. But the width of the game was lost with Crysis 2 and that’s something that EA have already looked into resolving. Building upon two key foundations, you can explore what they refer to as the Seven Wonders; urban environments complete with jungles, swamps, grasslands, canyons and more. It’s set to go above and beyond the normal post apocalyptic New York City with a diversity and richness Crytek has always been able to deliver. The screenshots alone help show how once more stunning visuals can become a distraction for such a diverse shooter.

Armaments have also been upgraded, so that along with your powerhouse of a Batman suit, Prophet will also be using a specialised Composite Bow and will even have access to Ceph weapons to add one more cool flair to the look of the game. The bow itself will offer the same multi-action options as the nanosuit to an extent, allowing for stealthy silent arrows or things that generally go boom!

EA have a lot of confidence about Crysis 3 and are already stating that they are eager for players to get some hands on time, and who can blame them. Crysis in all honesty has gone from strength to strength from even as early as the original series’ trailers. And with everyone as a target for Prophet in his quest for retribution, I can safely assume there are more than a few gamers who can’t wait to get back into the nanosuit either.

Crysis 3 has been officially announced for a spring 2013 release on Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 3.

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