Magic The Gathering: DotP 2013 Announced

Wizards of the Coast have released the third instalment in their series of Magic the Gathering computer games; Duels of the Planeswalkers. Dubbed Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (a highly original title clearly), it will have a new story, new decks to match the recent release of cards from the official card game itself and new challenges.

Many will wonder why they should bother with yet another update to a game that can only change so much when its main focus is on an already existing card game. But when you look at more recent AAA titles for consoles knocking out best sellers once a year, perhaps Stainless Games Ltd who made the other MtG:DotP games, do actually have some great improvements ready to show.

CEO of Stainless Games Ltd, Patrick Buckland, announced; “We are incredibly proud of our work with Wizards of the Coast. We are confident that Duels 2013 will be the best version of the game yet!”

The game is set to enhance the current gameplay by offering more advanced players the ability to manually tap lands and access to the forthcoming planechaser decks. Following on with the launch of the new cards, the announced penultimate baddie is set to be Nicol Bolas, the Dragon Planeswalker.

The game has been a hit seller over the years and will be launched on Xbox Live Arcade, PC and the PlayStation Network. For the first time it will also be released on IOS 5 for the Apple users, which when considering the control scheme, seems perhaps the best format for the game overall? 

With only just being announced there is little else provided. So keep an eye for any more updates. At least we can safely say there will be a 2013 release, unless the games adopt a Fifa approach to marketing.

Source: GamesRader 

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