Skyrim Kinect Support Roundup

Some days back Bethesda Game Studios announced that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would utilise Kinect, adding voice support to the Xbox 360 version of the game. Now comes an update from Bethesda’s Vice President of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines explaining how this will work. That’s it, time to shout at the TV and for it to mean something!

Hines was able to elaborate on some of the functionality that will be included with the voice addition. Ultimately the support is not intended to be used simply for the “Fus Ro Dah” (though certainly a good incentive for the update), but to help assign many more commands for the player which are not just buttons on a joypad.

Some of the additions are not meant to be all action orientated and a prime example of this is the map commands. Being able to ask “where is my current quest?” or once lost asking “where am I?” is a great way of helping diversify the gameplay and take out the annoying attributes which are commonly found in console games that desperately need more buttons.

There is a limit to how many things we can assign buttons to, but the ability to add your voice to sort by weight, sort by value, sort by name; allows you some additional things. If you have played the game for 100 hours and you’re tired of going through all the menus, it makes playing the game a lot easier.” – Pete Hines  

Looking at gameplay, streamlining the Kinect functionality is also set to include ways to hotkey your weapons and spells too. Not stopping mid dragon bout to select your favourite spells will definitely help the flow of the game and the voice support is set to go further. Stacking potions can all be assigned by shouting at your TV, and to me that just seems sensible. I already shout at my TV when at low health.

All in all this is by far one of the most anticipated updates to any recent game, and it really embraces the element of an upgrade to a game. Improving on how you can play it, improving on immersion and improving on the joy one can have when sitting down and getting your geek on.

The update is scheduled for a late April release but Bethesda are still keeping the dates fluid to make sure they can launch with confidence when the time comes.

Source: Destructoid

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