Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise Hands On Preview

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (known in North America as Rhythm Heaven Fever) is a Wii music rhythm game developed by Nintendo and TNX. The third in the Rhythm Heaven series, it comes out in Europe on July 6th.

The game uses a clear and crisp 2D art style which makes the most of the Wii‘s graphical abilities. While the game may not have the resolution of games on an HD console, in my time playing the game it didn’t matter. What the game lacks in pure graphical power, it makes up for with its bold and bright colour scheme and cohesive art design.

The game’s music, which is arguably the most important part of a music rhythm game, is brilliant. The music was catchy and simple, without getting repetitive. The game definitely suits being played with headphones, and on the show floor it was essential, but I would really recommend using headphones if possible should you pick up the game, as you won’t want to miss a second of the fantastic soundtrack.

Unlike Rhythm Heaven on the DS, this new title doesn’t utilise the key features of the system, instead requiring players to progress by either pressing A or holding A + B together on the Wii Remote. Those looking for a game that makes the most of the Wii system may be disappointed, particularly as several of the mini-games had obvious ways they could have used motion. That said, the button controls are highly responsive which is a big plus

Beat the Beat also features a multiplayer mode, which is new to the series, allowing two players to compete with each other for points, gaining extra marks for the harmony between them. It didn’t take long for me and the person I played it with to get really in synch, leaving me with a really great feeling of having accomplished something as part of a team.

A good selection of mini-games are available to play at the MCM Expo, but you won’t need to play them all to know if you like the game or not. Within two or three minutes you will know if the art style, gameplay and music are your cup of tea. I loved the game and will definitely be popping back for another go at the game. Why not head over to the Nintendo Unleashed area of the MCM Expo this weekend and give it a go?

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