Sleeping Dogs Q&A and Demo

Sleeping Dogs has had a rather turbulent time in development. Initially set to be a re-launch of the original Xbox’s True Crime gaming series; though with new developers, gaming style and of course, a new name, it’s been great to finally get some hands on experience. Topped off with a fantastic Q&A session today, MCM Buzz managed to get some great feeds out on what to expect from Square Enix in August this year.

One of the leading developers started the show by talking the crowd through the game’s transitional period. Initially developed by Activision, the transition was so seamless, as all the staff were moved along with the project and ultimately the game’s name is the only change.

The crowd gave satisfying “Ahhhs” as Triads were thrown into air vents and through shop windows. It’s clear that Sleeping Dogs will not only be a fast action game but also very interactive with its environments. It was at this point we were all told of how the development stage had tried to ensure all aspects of Hong Kong were captured in all authenticity. From the photography team sent to the city, to the one-to-one interviews with Triads and the MMA Pro liaisons aiding with the animation for the guerrilla style combat, Sleeping Dogs is set to encompass as much of the real world aspects found in undercover police work.

As the gameplay moved to driving through the streets, it was clear to see, as well as confirmed, that the over the top, car to car high-jacking took inspiration from John Woo films and that gameplay is to be fluid, fun and challenging.

The Q&A ending had questions put forward about the similarities between the combat style found in Sleeping Dogs and Batman Arkham City (which apparently was unintentional) as well as the comical aspect of the game’s development, such as the American audience having fun with driving on the left in Hong Kong City.

Rounding off with a round of applause, and some fantastic free T-shirts, Jane from Gamespot UK confirmed that of course Sleeping Dogs has a demo stand available all weekend, so get down there and give it a go!

Sleeping Dogs has been set for an August 2012 release and will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. So get your action thumbs ready for a great gaming release to arrive soon!

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