Welcome To the Space Show Panel with Michael Sinterniklaas and Stephanie Sheh

Voice actors Michael Sinterniklaas and Stephanie Sheh took to the stage today to promote the worldwide release of the film Welcome to the Space Show. Answering questions in a Q&A, these two anime voice acting giants discussed the movie that centers on a group of young school children who find and rescue an injured dog, which actually turns out to be an alien. In reward for their help the strange alien offers them a trip to the moon, but after a strange set of events, they find themselves having to travel the galaxy to find their way home.

It was beautiful to have the show open with a ten minute snippet of the film, which really showed the care and detail put into this full feature and as special treat the snippets shown were the first viewed in the UK.

Welcome to the Space Show had a somewhat special dubbing as the voice acting by the children was performed by young professional talent. Something not normally catered for in the anime dubbing industry. Where stereotypically the dubbing is recorded in individual sittings with separated actors, Sinterniklaas and Sheh were able to work closely alongside each other, as well as other voice actors. It’s due to Sinterniklaas and Sheh having chances to take part in the directing and therefore were really able to work closely with others.

As part of this they have been able to keep Welcome to the Space Show as pure as possible. Whereas certain jokes or cultural differences cause a lot of cutting and changes in the dubbing of anime overall, Welcome to the Space Show remained true to the original screening, bar one change of referencing Dollars to Yen.

With an English version of this 2010 hit finally on its way, we can expect to see the dubbed version of the Welcome to the Space Show hitting shelves soon and with an already eager audience.

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