Aliens: Colonial Marines Q&A with Brian Burleson

The MCM Expo in London was home to a panel about the upcoming first person shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines. Brian Burleson, the games senior producer, took time to show off some footage of the game, tell everyone a little about what to expect, and field some fan questions. Below is a summary of the panel and Q&A, followed by some information from an MCM Buzz interview with him.

– Guests at the panel were shown an impressive looking trailer, using 100% gameplay footage taken from early in the single player campaign.

– The game will feature a six versus six competitive multiplayer mode, which is currently playable on the show floor.

– Brian stated that Xenomorphs will require teamwork to take down, saying “If a Xenomorph sneaks up on you, you’re dead. It’ll kill you in a couple of hits.”

– While Xenomorphs in AVP were controlled in first person, they have learnt that it felt too hectic at times, so they have switched to a third person viewpoint in Colonial Marines.

– Additional Xenomorphs were created for the game, but had to have a purpose and fit existing canon.

– When asked about a survival mode, Brian hinted heavily that it would come, saying, “While there are several modes we have been working on but can’t announce yet, it would certainly be smart if we had one.”

– When asked about the Wii U version, he said, “The Wii U version is really fun,” and that, “Interesting controls equal interesting fun,” but due to limits placed by Nintendo, he couldn’t say any more.

– The game will be the same on all platforms, except for the Wii U which will have extra features.

– They were tempted to put their own unique fingerprint on the game, but as the series canon is so large they didn’t feel the need to deviate from it.

In a brief talk after the panel, he told us that Fox, Sega and Ridley Scott gave the team lots of extra info on series instead of just telling them, “you can do this and can’t do that.” He also explained that  Xenomorphs are currently being tweeked as there are minor issues on some maps with getting stuck on environments, but these issues are being ironed out. Apparenly when playing as a Xenomorph, the first round you currently spend learning the controls and the second round you understand them. They are testing extensively to ensure people understand the controls on the first round without needing a practice round.

He also said that Xenomorphs are deliberately overpowered to create a sense of tension for marines, but play very differently. To avoid being seen they must travel alone or in small groups and have to play very stealth, for if a Xenomorph is pitted against a gun in a corridor the Xenomorph has no chance.

When asked about the Vitality Sensor, he said that it “could be interesting for horror games,” but having something on your hand and requiring extra setup might pull you out of the experience and lessen the tension.

So there you have it. Have you played the demo yet? Are you excited for the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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