Persona 4 Arena announced for European 2012 release

At the London MCM Expo Atlas announced that Persona 4 Arena is being localised and will see a European release in 2012.

The game is a direct sequel to Persona 4, in which seven school friends investigate a series of deaths linked to the mysterious Midnight Channel. Set two months after it has been shut down, the game features a young boy who hears rumours that the Midnight Channel has returned. When he tunes in, he sees an advert for a tournament in which he and his friends are fighting to the death. Some of those friends have already gone missing.

Developed by Arc System Works and Atlas, the game is a direct sequel to Persona 4 and will involve characters from that game and the Shadow Hunters from Persona 3. In total the game will be playable from the viewpoint of 13 different characters.

There will also be a “Teddie Vision” app being released next week, which will work with leaflets that are being handed out at the MCM Expo to provide extra content and news about the game.

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