Falling Skies Panel with Seychelle Gabriel and Sarah Carter

Seychelle Gabriel (Lourdes) and Sarah Carter (Maggie), both took to the stage for the panel of sci-fi’s Falling Skies. Taking place six months after an alien invasion leaves the planet devastated, Tom Mason becomes the second-in-command of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, a group of civilians and fighters fleeing post-apocalyptic Boston. Having a fantastic reception worldwide a second season has already been put into motion ready for June 17th on TNT.

As fans put their questions forward at the panel, we got down some of the responses and insights to the show.

Opening the Q&A was a question referencing Speilberg’s interaction and inclusion with the series, confirming how Falling Skies has not been about horror or fighting aliens, but about people and their relationships. As one can expect from the story’s directional route, there is a lot of emphasis on characters struggling with roles they’re not suited to.

For Lourdes, Gabriel stated that, it was really about not knowing the roles. “As someone who was supposed to be a med student I showed a friend who was actually a med student, though I didn’t want to go too much into the medical aspect as the whole point is the character is out of her depth too. And not knowing the best way to respond really works.”

When asked about how these characters have gone from being civilians to soldiers Carter iterated on how “it was more in reverse for Maggie. She felt the world was against her and how initially she was a dirty soldier, yet now is becoming more human. Finding her humanity is part of what helps her to fight.”

The ladies went on to explain that Falling Skies is as much about life lessons and fitting the on screen characters to real archetypes in life, helping an audience to relate to the show and get into the same mindset.

But taking the panel into more light hearted tones, Gabriel and Carter were asked about what it was like to film alongside wooden sticks and sensor orbs for the post production CGI. They confirmed how it can be as funny as it sounds, and that sometimes it’s hard to not laugh at the man running around shouting orders and waving arms telling everyone how there will be a big spaceship getting closer. Yet at some points, not having just a man in a suit really helps motivate your imagination and you can envision your own horrors that feed the imagination and acting.

All in all the ladies confirmed that they had great enjoyment playing the characters and have been very grateful for being able to speak to the writers, who apparently will always visit the sets, and discuss actions and scenes for characters. They stated that the writers have always been very respective of the actors input and really like to be approachable as a “no walls” development.

As June 17th is the American scheduled Season 2 launch date, keep an eye for any announced UK released dates on MCM Buzz.


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