The Eagle Awards 2012

Stuart Claw took to the stage on Friday evening to host and announce the greatly anticipated Eagle Awards.

The Eagle Awards covers around 30 categories and are down to the public vote. As the evening began I had a chance to sit down with some of Britain’s greatest talent and enjoy the show as Mr Claw opened with some light hearted humour. Or more accurately a poorly written crisp-related joke, but we are not here to judge him.

The awards and winners are as follows:

Favourite Newcomer Writer

Jeff Lemire

Favourite Newcomer Artist

Francesco Francavillo

Favourite Writer

Scott Snyder

Favourite Writer/Artist

Frank Miller

Favourite Artist – Pencils

J. H. Williams III

Favourite Artist – Inks

Scott Williams

Favourite Artist – Full Artwork

Alex Ross

Favourite Colourist

Dave Stuart

Favourite Letterer

Richard Starkings

Favourite Editor

Karen Berger

Favourite Publisher


Favourite American Comic – Colour


Favourite American Comic – Black & White

The Walking Dead

Favourite British Comic – Colour

Doctor Who

Favourite British Comic – Black & White

Viz Comic

Favourite New Comic

I Am Batman

Favourite Manga

20th Century Boys

Favourite European Comic

Dylan Dog

Favourite Web Based Comic

Freak Angels

Favourite Single Story

Doctor Who

Favourite Continued Story

The Walking Dead – No Way Out

Favourite 2011 Cover

Batwoman 1

Favourite Original Graphic Novel

Batman Noel

Favourite Reprint

Thor Omnibus

Favourite Comic Related Book

Supergods: Our World In The Age Of The Superhero

Favourite Comic Related Show

The Big Bang Theory

Favourite Comic Website

Bleeding Cool

Favourite Comic Based Magazine

DC Superhero Collections

Roll Of Honour

Frank Quitely


Following this was the Huntsman’s Awards which are a fantastic opportunity for writers and artists alike as an opportunity to not only gain a sense of fame for a comic-book career, but also gain a sense of quality by virtue of impressing three esteemed judges.

The three judges who headed the panel included Titan Publishing’s senior editor Steve White, best-selling writer Tony Lee, and Eisner-winning artist Mark Buckingham.

The two finalists were narrowed down to the stories of:

Land of All Sorts for Best Writer

Time for Reflection for Best Artist.

Ultimately the award went to Alex Lawson and Silvio DB for Time for Reflection.

The winners also earned the choice of their own signing at the MCM Expo’s Comic Village over the weekend. 

One very happy writer, Tony Lee, took the award for ‘Most Favourite Single Story’ with Dr. Who. His story which only had one speech bubble was storyboarded beautifully in perhaps one of the hardest ways for any writer to tell a story. Meeting up with him after the award I got a little more insight. For Mr Lee this was truly unexpected. 

“I had really not expected this at all, and this is the stuff I have been seeing since I was a child, seeing the sticker on the comics, the logo of the awards! I really felt like I was only ever going to be a bridesmaid. At my first nomination back in 2006 I had written two speeches but subsequently the 11 nominations since really left me feeling as though it wasn’t going to happen. So I really am shockeed and happy!”


A fantastic way to finish the first day at MCM Expo on Friday and obviously a big congratulations to all the winners of The Eagle Awards 2012! Sadly this was the final Eagle Awards ceremony to take place at the MCM Expo and as such, due to the growing activity of the Comic Village, October will see the launch of the MCM Awards as table spaces grow from 80 tables to close to 140 planned for October this year. The May Expo may be over, but there is still much more to come for 2012!

All images supplied by Vikki Luff Photography.

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